Natural anti-inflammatories: plants and foods that help fight pain

Such as joint disorders, headaches, toothaches and neuralgia. Not only that, they also have an antipyretic action, because they are able to lower the body temperature in case of fever.

Like all medicines, they are not free from side effects, which is why it is important not to abuse them. This can happen, especially if you suffer from chronic inflammation.

However, you can protect your body by also focusing on more natural and less invasive options. In fact, nature provides you with a wide choice of natural anti-inflammatories that you can take without problems, for extended periods of time.

In addition, natural anti-inflammatories are not bad for the stomach and do not damage the liver.

What is inflammation?
Inflammation by itself is not a negative mechanism. Indeed, it is your body’s natural response to external aggression.

It is activated when you are attacked by physical (injury, trauma or burn), toxic, chemical or biological agents (bacteria, viruses, and so on).

When your tissues are attacked by a damaging agent, an intense vascular reaction occurs. It has the function of destroying this agent and promoting the repair or replacement of damaged tissue. But, the duration of the inflammation depends on the time it takes to eliminate the harmful cause and to repair the damage.

It can be short (hours or days) and in this case it is called “acute inflammation”

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